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LAST UPDATED - 31th December 2023

Hello, now available are my own 3D printed Gabions (6, 10, 15 & 25mm), Buildings (6, 10 & 15mm), and Bocage in the Scenery section.
Please click on these LINKS LINKS LINKS for an images.

Welcome to the new website, I hope it is easier to use than the old one.
Also, 90% of my Flag Description Information now have an image of the flag to view.

As this is a brand new website I would guess there will be a few issues. If you encounter any, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can make the changes or updates as soon as possible.


Click on the flag description to see an image of that particular flag.
Here is the Link Button
 to my standard sizes, but if you would like them a different sizes, then please order the size of flag you want from my website nearest the size you would like..
For example, if you would like your flags 27mm high, then please order from my 25mm range, if you would like them 37mm high, then you would order from my 40mm range..

Usually within 2 days I will send an email asking if you want your flags the standard size for what you have ordered, or if you want them resized by a few mm's.
If after 4 days you have not received an email, please check your junk folder in case the email has gone there.

I print in 2 different styles, Plain, and Effect print. Here is a
Link Button to images of each.

Now available are British Bakpack Napoleonic numbers.More will be added soon.

80 Years war, SYW Portugal, and Victorian British sections for flags

Now available for non UK countries, Tracked Postsge. Just choose from the option when checking out.

Added More SYW Russian flags.

New section just addes, French Wars of Religion

Now added are Waterslide Decals