American War of Independence 1775-1783


With An Eye for Detail       














2nd Maryland  Infantry Regiment

3rd Maryland  Infantry Regiment

2nd New Jersey  Infantry Regiment

3rd New Hampshire  Infantry Regiment

Bennington Infantry Regiment

Bunker Hill Infantry Regiment

The Culpepper Minute Men Infantry Regiment

Delaware Militia Men

Green Mountain Boys

Patriot Liberty Flag

Westmoreland County Volunteers

Yellow Liberty Flag

Unknown Militia Men Flag 1

Unknown Militia Men Flag 2

Unknown Militia Men Flag 3

Betsy Rose Flag

Maryland Unknown-1

New England Unknown-1

New England Unknown-2

North Carolina Militia

Pennsylvania Unknown-1

South Carolina Unknown-1

Join or Die

4th New York (Down With King George) Regiment

Liberty Snake

Virginia Constitutional Blue


Virginia 1st Regiment
Virginia 8th Regiment

Virginia 4th Regiment

Virginia 5th Regiment

Virginia 11th Regiment

Virginia Military District

1st Maryland Inf Regiment

2nd Canadian (Congres Own) Inf Regiment

2nd Pennsylvania Regiment

5th Pennsylvania Regiment (speculative)

7th Pennsylvania Regiment

17th Pennsylvania  Infantry Regiment

Bedford Minutmen Regiment

2nd New Hampshire Regiment

2nd Virginia Regiment Regiment

2nd Virginia Regiment-Alt

8th Massachusetts Regiment (speculative)

Unknown Infantry Reg-1 Regiment

Webb's or 1st Connecticut Infantry Regiment

Pine Tree Infantry Flag

2nd New Hampshire Regiment of 1777 (buff)

2nd New Hampshire Regiment of 1777 (blue)

The Rattle Snake Infantry Flag

The Union Flag

John Trumbull Yorktown Flag

John Paul Jones Serapis Flag

Continental or Grand Union Flag

Washington's Headquarters Flag

Franklin Flag

Bladen and Brunswick Counties, North Carolina Flag

2nd South Carolina Regiment

1st Flag of North Carolina

3rd New York Regiment Flag

Continental Army Regimental Standards of 1778

Richmond Rifle Rangers

3rd Virginia Regiment Flag

1st Continental or 1st Pennsylvania Minutemen Regiment Flag

1st Rhone Island Infantry Regiment

2nd Rhone Island Infantry Regiment

3rd New Jersey Regiment Flag


Harry Lee's Light Dragoons Guidon

Pulaski's Legion Cavalry Standard

Bedford Cavalry Regiment

2nd Regiment Continental Light Dragoons

4th Continental Dragoons

Philidelphia Light Horse




Colonels Colours

Bourbonnois Infantry Regiment

Royal Artillery Flag

Soissonois Infantry Regiment

Touraine Infantry Regiment

Saintonge Infantry Regiment

Agenois Infantry Regiment